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Artist David Chevtaikin Adds Visual Beauty to Macy's Herald Square

September 15, 2015 | Fashion | Stephen Braun
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Visual artist David Chevtaikin adds beauty to Macy's Herald Square.

One of the pleasures of shopping and working at Macy’s is the variety of interesting people one encounters along the way.And at Macy’s Herald Square, we are fortunate to have David Chevtaikin, a painter who has exhibited in art galleries, store fronts, and night clubs, working for our in-house visuals team.

David was recently asked by Macy’s to create the in-store artwork for our 2015 “American Icons” campaign. The campaign was a huge success, with David producing abstract work based on the traditional American red, white, and blue summer holiday theme.  


David realized he was an artist in the fifth grade as a student in Albany, New York. He remembers receiving awards for his artwork and having it frequently displayed as early as Junior High School. He studied art at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL, after which he moved to New York City and became active in the thriving art culture of downtown Manhattan and, more specifically, SoHo.

David has worked for Macy’s for 19 years and finds his work here to be a good outlet for seeing how his art can be used in new and interesting ways. He feels very inspired by having seen his work displayed on canvases and in reproductions, used on Macy’s display stands and incorporated in three-dimensional objects.

He is currently working on a black and white series, as shown below:

Painting of flowers from David Chevtaikin's black and white series.

David hopes to one day own a gallery or museum where he can display the work of emerging artists, as well as help them to find resources for supplies and space so as to encourage their work.

He'll be painting live at the Herald Square after-party for the Macy’s Fashion’s Front Row Event to be held on September 17th.

We wish you all the best, David!