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Macy's Fine Jewelry Ring

Design & Customize Fine Jewelry Pieces at Macy’s


Macy's features two fine jewelry customization programs in 250 stores that utilize apps and ensure rapid delivery of unique pieces.

Whether you’re seeking to create a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry from scratch or update an heirloom setting, you can now design and customize fine-jewelry pieces using two new in-store apps—the Macy’s Personal Design Studio and Iberjoya app. The new service has rolled out in 250 Macy’s department stores across the U.S. and caters to the customer searching for a high-quality, original design.

Macy’s Personal Design Studio

The Personal Design Studio is a new service provided by the fine jewelry department at Macy’s that lets customers bring their dream designs to life for an affordable, non-refundable design fee of $300, plus the final cost of the completed piece.

Macy's Jewelry Personal Design Studio

To start the design process, customers simply visit a participating Macy’s jewelry counter and inquire about the Personal Design Studio and jewelry customization. They proceed to fill out a Personal Design Form on a tablet that includes budget information and a written description of the requested design. They can also use the app to upload related photos or a sketch to the design request. A Macy’s Associate will help them translate their vision into a concrete design on the app.

Within seven days, professional jewelry designers will turn the ideas into a simulated design image using a Computer Aided Design (CAD) program and also create a 3-D wax model of the completed piece. The customer will then get a chance to approve the image and wax model in-store or request changes–in this way, the customer plays a critical hands-on role in the jewelry creation process.

Once final approval is given, production begins and, within approximately 21 days, the finished custom design arrives at the store, ready to be picked up and adored! The whole process—from design request to completion—takes just 28 days. All sales and designs made using the Personal Design Studio are final since customers have a chance to weigh in at various stages.

Macy's Jewelry Personal 3D Printed Wax Model

Gemstones & Metals for Custom Jewelry Designs

Clients can either purchase new precious and semi-precious gemstones (excluding diamonds) through the Macy’s Personal Design Studio, or incorporate stones they already own into their custom piece. For the settings, Macy’s new fine jewelry customization service utilizes precious metals, gold, silver and platinum.

Iberjoya High-Quality G.I.A.-Certified Diamonds

Macy’s customers seeking high-quality, G.I.A.-certified diamonds for custom-designed fine jewelry can have a complete piece in hand in just 10 days by using the Iberjoya app at Macy’s. For inspiration, they can browse a case of sample pieces. Once they select the setting from the options presented in the app and the shape, color, clarity and weight of the diamonds they want, Iberjoya will send the specified G.I.A.-certified stones to the Macy’s store for review and approval. The customer may then purchase the diamonds and have them sent back to Iberjoya to be set in the selected mounting. Upon completion, the piece is sent back to the store for the customer to pick up.

The Iberjoya app enhances and eases the bridal experience by giving the bride and groom an opportunity to design and create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring and/or customized wedding bands without having to endure a lengthy production process.