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Macy's Union Square San Francisco

San Francisco Indian Summer


Macy's Union Square helps visitors make the most of San Francisco's Indian Summer.

As the long, warm days of summer wane in many parts of the country, San Francisco experiences some of its warmest temperatures of the year. Indian Summer arrives in the City by the Bay in September and October, bringing with it a spate of outdoor festivals and events that make hanging out in the parks and along the wharf super rewarding.

Whether you’ve already taken a vacation in the past few months or not, consider taking a trip to San Francisco to extend your summer season with live music, outdoor picnics, short sleeves and tank tops. Think of Indian Summer as a time to have fun under clear skies and pampering temps while wearing your most stylish, casual outfits. Macy’s Union Square is here to help sun-and-heat seekers make the most of those precious moments of light and warmth.

Mission Dolores Park

A local warm-weather favorite is the newly overhauled Mission Dolores Park—legions flock to its sports facilities, sprawling kids playground, walking paths and lush green lawns to play, relax, people-watch, picnic and enjoy spectacular views of the downtown skyline. It’s also the perfect place to refuel for energetic romps through the adjacent Mission district, a culturally diverse neighborhood chock full of cool restaurants, bars and shops. Grab delicious fixings for a picnic lunch at Bi-Rite market or a specialty ice cream cone at Bi-Rite Creamery, just around the corner from the park.

Union Square

‘Course when you’re at the Macy’s store, you may just decide to grab a mouthwatering Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and chow it down across the street in hopping Union Square. With its wide, open plaza surrounded by restaurants, theaters, nightclubs and galleries, this is one of the most visited spots in all of San Francisco and a lovely place to soak up the city’s dynamic atmosphere.

The Hardly Strictly Blue Grass Festival in Golden Gate Park

Another spot you won’t want to miss is Golden Gate Park, San Francisco’s legendary urban oasis where people can reconnect to nature. Located west of the Haight-Ashbury district and extending to the water’s edge, the park incorporates a stunning variety of features, including a carousel, a pair of windmills, a lake, various sports fields, a botanical garden, a Japanese tea garden, a flower conservatory and a music concourse.

A terrific way to experience the park and also add a vivid soundtrack to your Indian Summer experience is to attend the free-of-charge Hardly Strictly Blue Grass Festival, held in the park on Friday, Oct. 5-Sunday Oct. 7, 2018. 100 top blues, jazz and folk musicians perform on seven different stages, attracting people of all ages who relish standout live music outdoors.

Let Macy’s help you look great while comfortably navigating between the different stages and lounging on the lawns. These denim items from Levi's and casual shoes from Frye couldn’t embody the free-spirited, laid-back nature of the occasion more perfectly:

Fleet Week at Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman’s Wharf, is a bayside hot spot jam packed with shops and fun attractions, from Aquarium at the Bay to Madame Tussauds. It’s also the launch point for a variety of boat tours.

While Fisherman’s Wharf draws throngs of visitors year-round, it enjoys even greater popularity during Fleet Week, an event that pays tribute to the American armed forces from Oct. Friday, Oct. 5-Sunday Oct. 7, 2018. Visitors climb aboard docked aircraft carriers, destroyers and cruisers in the Parade of Ships; watch the jaw-dropping air show staged by the United States Navy Blue Angels; and tour a Humanitarian Village that showcases civilian and military resources dedicated to disaster response.

The Visitor Center at Macy’s Union Square makes it simple to plan your time efficiently and take full advantage of the many Fisherman’s Wharf offerings. Swing by and pick up tickets to the various attractions as well as a 10% Visitor Savings Pass for discounts on thousands of store items. It’s sure to come in handy.

However warm the weather is during San Francisco’s Indian Summer, you’ll definitely want to layer up for your waterside jaunt—the breezes coming off the water are pretty nippy, especially at night. American Rag's poncho, and plaid and denim shirt combo—all available at Macy’s Union Square—are perfect solutions for biting winds. Why not use your Visitor Savings Pass to purchase them?

Treasure Island Music Festival

For a top-notch Indian Summer event outside the city, join the vast crowd of hipsters attending the Treasure Island Music Festival in October. The festival offers “a Coachella-ready lineup” of musicians on two stages along with “Burning Man ready vibes.” (Live) For this event, you’ll want to wear something that expresses the hippest, most casual version of yourself. American Rag items from the Union Square store are just the ticket.

And don't forget to protect your eyes during your long day in the sun. Persol sunglasses from Sunglass Hut can do that in style.

I hope you enjoy San Francisco’s unique microclimate, all the special city features and events that make it so much fun, and your new Macy’s purchases. They’re a terrific way to make summer last just a little bit longer.