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Inside Macy's By Appointment: The Personal Shopping Experience

April 24, 2015 | Fashion
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Spring 2015 Jones NY earrings, necklace and bracelet at Macy's

Spring has been a long time coming but warmer, sunnier days have finally arrived. Why not seize the occasion to inject some fresh style and utility into your wardrobe or home? If you don’t have time to comb through all the great merchandise that’s available or are unsure about how to select the most flattering on-trend items, Macy’s has the ideal solution—Macy’s By Appointment (MBA), a free personal shopping service that will pair you with an in-store expert who’ll help you find everything you want.

Reasons to Book an Appointment with an MBA Stylist

There are many good reasons to utilize this shopping service. For some customers, the sheer size of the store and the number of options it offers can be overwhelming. An extremely knowledgeable stylist who can help you navigate the floors and narrow down selections can not only make your shopping outing more pleasurable but also maximize the return on your time and dollar investment. Did we mention, the service is free! There is no minimum, nor pressure to buy. Most customers relish the opportunity to get the expert opinion of a fashion guru who’s familiar with the top trends and latest merchandise, knows what’s on sale and knows exactly where everything in the store is located.

Many clients find it difficult to veer from their established comfort zones and wear the same pieces, styles or brands all the time. This can cause their wardrobe to look a bit one-dimensional and predictable. An MBA stylist can suggest pieces that you didn’t know could look good on you and that add pizzazz to your wardrobe. In this way, MBA stylists make fashion both fun and functional for their clients.

Clients frequently book the MBA experience to find an outfit for a specific occasion or social function—for example, a wedding, a special cocktail party or an awards event. Travelers also turn to MBA stylists to fill their suitcase with just the right items for an upcoming getaway or business excursion or, once they’ve arrived in their destination, to suggest things that are better suited to the locale’s climate and attractions. There’s also a big segment of MBA clients who seek help when assembling a work wardrobe, whether formal or casual. The stylists are expert at suggesting separates that coordinate in various ways to provide a great deal of wardrobe versatility.

Whatever the original shopping objective, once a client experiences the elevated level of knowledge and service provided by MBA, she will often turn to the shoppers for additional needs, such as updating an entire wardrobe, picking out new home furnishings, choosing a partner’s apparel or gifts for the holidays. What starts out as a one-time visit frequently turns into a many-year relationship.

How to Arrange a Personal Shopping Session

There are three ways to book an appointment: 1) In the store--walk into the MBA office and if they have a stylist who is free at that moment, you can get immediate help. Or, you can make an appointment for a future time. 2) Online--visit the Macy’s By Appointment page and fill out the simple form there. You can also email any questions you might have directly from that web page. 3) By phone: Call 1-800-343-0121.

About the MBA Stylists

Macy’s has about 250 MBA stylists in 131 locations, in all major markets across the U.S., with plans for several additional ones. All stylists have deep fashion sales experience, know how to deliver excellent one-on-one service. They are skilled in forging connections with clients, asking them questions that can reveal their needs and preferences, listening carefully and respecting your financial guidelines.

The stylists undergo training based on real-life client situations, know how to provide numerous options to clients without overwhelming them and stay up-to-date on new product releases, by attending seminars with Macy’s vendors who share information about the latest arrivals and hot sellers.

What to Expect From Your MBA Experience

The main goal of the MBA service is to make the client happy by making shopping easier, more convenient, relaxing and fun! Clients are never pressured to buy anything and there is no minimum spending requirement.

When clients first arrive, they’re greeted by front-desk staff and offered complimentary coffee, tea or water. They then meet with the stylist who asks them what they want to accomplish during their session and what they want it to look like; what their style, brands and color preferences are; and what they dislike.

Some clients enjoy going through the racks themselves but want the stylist to accompany them and offer a second opinion. Other clients want to walk into a fitting room filled with options that have been set up for them in advance and get feedback from the stylist as they’re trying things on, get help with switching out sizes and get suggestions for additional coordinating items and accessories. Clients with extremely limited time can meet with a stylist, then leave the store. The stylist will pull appropriate merchandise and send it to their home via a messenger service or the in-store shipping department.

Anne Klein 2015 Spring Fashion at Macy's

Anne Klein scarf top, pants and bracelet available at Macy's this spring

Spring 2015 Fashion Trends at Macy’s

MBA stylists are focused on providing the most up-to-date fashion solutions to clients. Here are the major pattern, color and style trends guiding their selections this season.

For Women

Color and Pattern Highlights

1) Day and Night: black and white, bold and edgy prints

2) Dawn: soft yellows, pinks, greens, blues and lavenders; floral prints

3) Sun: bold yellow, alone and in combination with oranges, golds, white and black

4) Sea: blues, greens, light sand colors, water print imagery in apparel, a sporty ‘at leisure’ vibe

5) Earth: earth tones, tribal prints, southwestern prints, maxi dresses, oversized separates

Must-Have Pieces

The jumpsuit (Ralph Lauren’s sleeveless polka dot version); the matched set (INC.’s sleeveless striped top and a striped faux wrapped pencil skirt; athletic pants (Michael Kors drawstring pants); the mini cross-body bag (Calvin Klein and Michael Kors ); the architectural clutch (Badgly Mischka); the statement necklace; front-back earrings; 70s-style shoes, such as the iconic mule; the bomber jacket

For Men

Color, Pattern and Product Highlights

1) Earth: neutral tones, lightweight linens. Products: cargo pants and chinos in quiet colors

2) Palm Beach: sun-kissed hues. Products: slim-fit knit, twill pants (Nautica), check shirt (Polo Ralph Lauren), colorful sport coat (Tommy Hilfiger), paisley prints (Ryan Seacrest Distinction Collection paisley-print pocket square); aviator sunglasses (Gucci).

3) Urban Utility: urban street chic, athletic inspired sportswear, black and white graphics. Products: pullover (Sean John), jogger pants ( Calvin Klein), bomber jacket (Puma Lifestyle), high-top sneakers (Diesel).

4) Paradise Found: bold Hawaiian prints and oversized florals. Products: sailboat print linen shirt (Polo), printed shorts (Trukfit), Birkenstock sandals.

5) Day and Night: black and white with graphic designs. Products: white cotton slim-fit dinner jacket (Bar III); bold black leather strap watch (Movado); black-and-white polka dot bow tie (Ryan Seacrest Distinction). 


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