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Macy's in Downtown Seattle is a Must-Visit

March 21, 2016 | Shopping
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By Guest Blogger, Haley Francis of Neon Doves

More often than not I like to spend my spare time wandering around my home city, which coincidentally happens to be the city I grew up in. A city that just never gets old. As I look around and see an overwhelming amount of greenery, mountains and both fresh and salt water, all within an arm's reach, I feel so lucky to be here. Okay, maybe not literally within arm's reach, but you're pickin' up what I'm puttin down; Seattle's a straight smokeshow of a babe.

Often times you'll find yourself in a city where the sightseeing spots aren't always worth seeing, and many locals don't even spend their time there either, like the space needle for example. What makes the space needle so glorious is staring at it from afar and embracing the uniqueness of Seattle's skyline. But actually going to the space needle—eh, totes overrated. Visitors should spend their time elsewhere.

Pike Place market is the perfect example of a tourist activity that is also embraced and visited by locals. The market offers itself as a place to grocery shop, grab a bite to eat, or snag a cup of Joe, which is how I began my morning.

Starting my day in the misty crisp air and jumping from the market to my favorite stores downtown had me in a blissful place. Of course my shopping course revolved around my go-to Macy's store just a few blocks from the market. I feel so at home when I enter a Macy's store, especially the flagship in downtown Seattle. Back in the 90s when Kelly Kapowski was my idol and Jonathon Taylor Thomas was god's gift to earth, Macy's was known as the Bon Marché. I believe the beautiful Macy's building that was built back in the 20s still has the Bon Marché etching on the outside. It has that vintage charm that makes you question our choices in present-day architecture, but that's a subject for a different day.

More importantly, did you know there's an overwhelming assortment of Coach bags and RayBan sunglasses at Macy's? #winning! Obviously I had to add some tortoise shell shades to my collection today. I mean realistically, you can never have enough sunglasses.

And this red coach bag I snagged? Ugh, utter perfection. A red with a hint of orange is my absolute fave! It makes the color pop like woah and I absolutely love the aging process of leather bags. Don't get me wrong, I love a new bag like any other purse lover, but I'm a huge fan of the aged look that comes swimmingly with coach bags. Living up to the Seattle hipster stereotype? Perhaps. But I think I may be okay with that.

On my way out, with two solid staples under my belt, I came across a silk white tee with two slits up each side (I like to live my fashion life on the wild side) and an oversized sweater that hung in all the right places. Aka an absolute must buy. Is my closet already filled with an overwhelming number of boyfriend sweaters? Perhaps. But that's life in Seattle here, people. Cozy, comfortable, and effortlessly chic.

Oh! And good info to know—the ridiculously nice lady that was helping me today, Samantha, also let me know that on Sundays you get an extra 20% off select pieces. I know....right? See you next Sunday, Macy's!

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