Mall of America

Bloomington - Mall of America

Bloomington, Minnesota is known as the home of the Mall of America, the largest mall in the country. The mall attracts tens of millions visitors of year and is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Macy’s Mall of America is a gateway to the mall and the city at large. An exceptional selection of fashion and affordable luxury has made Macy's a shopping destination known throughout the world.

Macy’s Mall of America

The Macy’s Visitor Savings Pass

This savings pass allows domestic and international visitors to purchase products at a discount at any Macy's store nationwide.

Get Everyday Low Prices at Backstage

Macy's Backstage is a store-within-a-Macy's store shopping experience featuring significant savings on top-quality products.

In-Store Services

Sunglass Hut | Macy's Mall of America | Protect your eyes from the sun at this convenient retailer offering sunglasses for men, women and kids from today's most popular fashion brands.

Grab a Bite at Macy’s

Potbelly Sandwich Shop | Macy's Mall of America | Order sandwiches made on the spot using high-quality ingredients, from roasted turkey breast and Angus roast beef to grilled all-natural chicken, Albacore tuna and Italian meats; fresh salads; and baked-daily cookies.

Pinkberry Yoghurt Logo

Pinkberry | Macy's Mall of America | Pinkberry Frozen yogurt flavors are expertly handcrafted to complement the finest premium toppings and fresh, hand-cut fruit. Light and refreshing, Pinkberry serves the best tasting yogurt just the way you like it. Located on the 7th Floor.