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3 British Bloggers Visit Top American Macy’s Stores and Cities

November 5, 2014 | Macy's News
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The British are coming—three top bloggers, that is, who specialize in beauty, fashion and family fun. Throughout the month of November, they’ll visit iconic Macy’s outposts in some of America’s most exciting cities and inaugurate our new blog with a set of pieces about their experiences both inside and outside Macy’s stores. You can also look forward to the steady stream of entertaining social media messages they’ll post using #UKDoesMacys.

To make things even more interesting, we’ve given our trio of bloggers a super cool challenge: tell their audience the best way to use $200 in the Macy’s stores they cover by selecting products that’ll help visitors to the area look and feel their best while they’re attending Macy’s events, shopping in the stores and hitting local attractions. When making their choices, the Brit bloggers will factor in city weather conditions as well as the range of needs and interests visitors to the area have. And, as the bloggers sample the products, services and experiences Macy’s partners provide in the places they visit, we’ll learn about more ways to turbo-charge our trips and memories.

Writing about beauty in a travel context, Jen Riley, author of the popular A Beauty Junkie in London blog, will visit San Francisco, CA and the Union Square Macy’s store. Expect to hear about all the things that’ll keep you looking radiant in the Bay area as you explore its unique neighborhoods, restaurants and culture.

Focusing on the interests of families traveling with children, Becky Wiggins of the Englishmum blog (one of the oldest parenting blogs out there), will spend time in Orlando, FL and the nearby Millenial Mall Macy’s—two unbeatable family destinations. She’ll shed light on kid friendly store experiences and outings in world-class theme parks. She’ll also tell you about her visit to the gleaming new Macy’s in the just-opened University Town Center mall in Sarasota, FL—a city on the state’s west coast known for its sunny climate, gorgeous Gulf of Mexico beaches and robust cultural offerings.

Kavita Donkersley, creator of the She Wears Fashion blog, is heading to New York City, fashion capital of the world, and to its retail embodiment, the iconic Macy’s Herald Square. She’ll deliver a batch of blog posts with all the energy, uniquess and joyful spirit of The Big Apple itself, not to mention a wealth of useful suggestions—given her own unique spin—for how Macy’s can help you dress for a town that offers an endless amount of things to do.

All three bloggers are sure to inspire you in unexpected ways—keep a keen eye out for their posts and follow them in their social channels. We think you’re going to jolly well love what they have to say and hope you’ll jump in and share your own #UKDoesMacys thoughts and photos—we’ll feature our favorites in the blog’s social hub.

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