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The Visit Macy’s Blog: Insider Tips on the Macy’s Lifestyle and Experience

November 4, 2014 | Macy's News
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Welcome to our new blog, an exciting addition to the Visit Macy’s website that will keep you up to date on all the latest events in Macy’s stores around the country, from fashion shows focused on top designer creations and cooking demonstrations with big-name chefs to iconic holiday happenings and family friendly activities. Whether you’re looking to purchase attraction tickets, make dinner reservations or find the ultimate outfit to wear around town, this blog will point you towards the many ways Macy’s can help meet your needs. We will feature insights and tips from a revolving cast of lively, in-the-know experts, starting with a trio of popular British bloggers who’ll be visiting our stores and local attractions in Orlando, Sarasota, San Francisco and New York. So, stay tuned…because no matter where you're headed, there will always be a unique experience waiting for you. That’s the Magic of Macy’s!

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