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Nejma Collection Perfumes, Exclusively at Macy’s Puerto Rico & Macy's Florida stores

January 27, 2015 | Shopping
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Nejma Perfumes, Macy's Plaza Las Americas, Nejma, Puerto Rico

Nejma, brings to life the Arabic tale of 7 sisters with this exquisite collection of 7 perfumes which inspired Founder and Creator, Marie Lise Bischoff. Infused with oud, a rare essence derived from Southeast Asian trees, each scent is composed by Master Perfumer, Jean Niel to be a unique symbol of aroma, like jewelry on the skin. 

Nejma Perfumes

As you explore the 7 blends, hints of Jasmine, Sandalwood, Roses of Ottomane, Coconut and Saffron lead you on a journey. Each evoking the spirit of Nejma. Nejma One, sends hints of Jasmine and Incense through the senses with intensity. With Nejma Two, cloves and saffron brings to the mind images of Asia. Floral tones and richness create harmony with Nejma Three. Nejma Four send streams of fruity and floral notes blended with Egyptian Jasmine. A spicy touch of amber, Bergamot Orange and Bulgarian Rose blend in harmony in Nejma Five. Notable hints of Green Apple, Coconut and Sandalwood bring freshness to Nejma Six. The seventh daughter, Nejma Seven paints a path filled with Pink Grapefruit, Citrus of Calabria and the Neroli flower. 

Nejma Perfumes

Nejma Collections perfumes includes the 7 original fragrances, Nejma The Oud, Luxury Extract Oils and Edmundo Puro, a collection for Men inspired by co-creator Christian Bousidan’s magical moment in Havana Cuba. Found exclusively at Macy's Plaza Las Americas, Puerto Rico and the following Macy’s Florida stores: Macy’s Dadeland, Macy’s The Falls, Macy’s Miami International, Macy’s Westland, Macy’s Boca Town Center, Macy’s Pembroke Pines and Macy’s Orlando Millenia and Macys.com

Each woman is a rare gem carrying individual oils in the skin which are enhanced by fragrance. See which of the 7 daughters of Nejma speaks to you. 

UPDATE: Nejma Perfumes has added a new exquisite fragrance to their collection with a base of blackcurrant cassis and a rich bouquet of peony subtly blended with orange blossom and Turkish rose. Le Parfum D’Alice made its debut on April 15, 2015 on Macys.com, Macy's Puerto Rico and Macy's Florida. 


Nejma Perfume Alice Lavenat 

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