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Experience “Santa’s Journey to the Stars” at Macy’s Herald Square

December 18, 2014 | Events
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Macy's HSQ Holiday Windows

No trip to New York City during the holiday season is complete without a stop by Macy's Herald Square to see the holiday windows.  Titled “Santa’s Journey to the Stars,” this year’s seasonal spectacular traces the adventures of Alex, a young boy who receives a magical and mystical telescope that enables him to experience the wonder of Christmas on other planets before landing back on Earth at the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Accompanied by his dog Bella and escorted through the galaxy by none other than the one-and-only Santa Claus, Alex’s otherworldly voyage will amaze and enchant children of all ages as they too embark on their very own out-of-this-world adventure.

Created by Roya Sullivan, award-winning designer and Macy’s National Director of Window Presentation, Macy’s 2014 Christmas windows combine the wonder of modern technology with stunning visual elements and a dose of nostalgia.  Following a child’s imaginary journey through space, the six Broadway windows will showcase one-of-a-kind planet-scapes, countless custom designed toys, handmade elves and an interactive game, all accented by thousands of LED lights.  Sounds pretty cool, right? Trust me, you don't want to miss this once-in-a-life-time holiday display!

Did you know, during peak hours over 10,000 people per hour will pass by the windows?  It takes a dedicated team of over 250 of Santa's helpers to bring the windows to life including Macy's display artists, graphic artists, sculptural artists, animators, carpenters, electricians and music and sound experts.  Installation of the Christmas windows takes 21 days and nights. 

The 2014 Christmas windows at Macy’s Herald Square will be on display through December 26. 

Here is a sneak peak...Enjoy!  Happy holidays! 

Macy's HSQ Holiday Windows

Macy's HSQ Holiday Windows


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