Macy's Backstage

Macy’s Backstage Stores Deliver Stylish Products and Savings


Macy’s stores offer top brands across a wide range of categories and have long been recognized for selling cutting-edge style at an affordable price. Macy’s Backstage stores, introduced in 2015 and opening at a rapid pace across the country, sell only discounted merchandise.

Sales events and promotions throughout the year provide significant savings opportunities for customers at Macy’s stores and the Visitor Savings Pass gives both domestic and international visitors an additional discount on many purchases. But Backstage stores take savings to a whole new level since the prices of everything sold in them is less than their listed retail price.

The Evolution of Macy’s Backstage

The first Backstage stores took the form of separate, standalone stores not located inside Macy’s location. But in 2016, Macy’s began opening Backstage stores within existing Macy’s stores, and throughout 2017, the company further refined and grew this store-within-in a store concept. By the end of 2017, there were 40 Backstage locations within Macy’s stores, and by December 2018, the company will have opened 120 more Backstage stores. It also intends to operate a dedicated Backstage distribution center in Columbus, Ohio.

What Is Macy’s Backstage?

Macy's Backstage

Macy’s Backstage is an outlet store that offers fashion-oriented customers another way to shop at their go-to Macy’s by providing a store-within-a-store shopping experience featuring significant savings on top-quality products. The selection includes fresh product from both new brands and renowned, well-established ones.

Backstage stores carry apparel and accessory brands that are not currently available at Macy’s stores, as well as a limited amount of overstock inventory sold by them. Some brands at Backstage stores are made exclusively for them.

The merchandise array at each Backstage outlet is tailored to the style preferences of the community it serves and shoppers are responding with great enthusiasm.

Our customers are thrilled about the Macy’s Backstage shopping experience. Macy’s Backstage brings great deals, the thrill of the hunt and fun into our existing Macy’s locations.

–Michelle Israel, Macy’s senior vice president

Backstage Merchandise

The Backstage stores focus on providing value and newness to guarantee that shoppers discover a fresh and compelling assortment of recognizable brands, trends and deals with each visit. Customers can expect great savings on apparel for men, women and children, as well as deals on an assortment of housewares, home textiles and decor, cosmetics, hair and nail care, gifts, jewelry, shoes, designer handbags, accessories and activewear.

Paying for Backstage Merchandise at Macy’s

Customers can use their Macy’s Credit Card to make purchases at Backstage locations, and Macy’s gift cards are also accepted and available for purchase at Macy’s Backstage locations. Although the product selection in a Backstage store differs from that in a Macy’s store, customers can pay for Backstage merchandise at a Macy’s cash register and pay for Macy’s merchandise at a Backstage cash register.

Guests cannot use a Macy’s coupon or savings pass for Backstage merchandise because these products are already offered at a price ranging from 20%-80% off the suggested retail price. However, Backstage stores do stage special shopping events and promotions, for example, the #HAPPYWEEKEND event that lets customers spend $30 in the store and get a scratch-off card for a chance to win up to $25 off their next purchase.

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