Macy's Shopping

Macy’s Makes Shopping for Gifts Both Easy and Foolproof


With uniquely supportive services like The Edit, Macy's Personal Stylist and GiftNow, Macy's takes the guesswork out of selecting and purchasing gifts.

Whether you need a gift for a special occasion or just want to show someone you’re thinking about them, gift hunting makes demands on our time and energy. And, even after applying our best efforts, we’re often left wondering whether our choices will hit the mark. No matter how well we think we know the preferences of the prospective recipient of our gift, there’s a good chance they’ll prefer an alternate color, size, pattern or style than what we chose—or even an altogether different item.

Fortunately, Macy’s has terrific ways of minimizing the risks of gift selection and making the process both easy and foolproof. Not only does Macy’s provide great product ideas but also free shopping support and an online checkout product customization tool that maximizes flexibility for your gift recipient.

Endless Affordable Options

Macy’s has over 600 stores around the country that carry a huge range of trend-setting merchandise by some of the country’s best designers. Browse the aisles in any of our stores and you’re pretty much guaranteed to land on multiple options for everyone on your gift list. With so many great brands to choose from, narrowing the field of possibilities is likely to be a bigger challenge than finding a suitable gift in the first place.

Macy’s Presents The Edit Takes the Guesswork Out of Rocking the Trends

The Edit is one way Macy’s helps you zero in on the best gifting options. A curated mix of fashion ideas and inspiration, which you can peruse before your shopping foray begins, The Edit does exactly what its name suggests—it edits down Macy’s extensive purchasing options.

Chock full of beautiful photos and captivating text, The Edit shines a light on top seasonal trends and products in a variety of categories, while also providing smart ideas and tips to both men and women for how to wear the hand-picked list of fashions and beauty products, and how to decorate their homes with Macy’s furnishings.

Think of The Edit as a one-stop shop presented by the Macy’s fashion team, a group of expert style setters. To refresh and transform the Macy’s shopper’s wardrobe and home, they cull together the very best products from the world’s runways and streets by traveling the globe, finding and distilling cutting-edge style, and commissioning and collaborating with top designers on collections created for Macy’s.

Every edition of The Edit is presented in trend statements encompassing a variety of products for him, her and home.These sections really help take the guesswork out of product selection. Customers can also take guidance from the ‘It List,’ a detailed selection of products within The Edit that are key for the season.

Macy’s Personal Stylist Has You Covered

In addition to The Edit, the expert stylists working for Macy’s Personal Stylist, Macy’s free in-store personal shopping service, can take the worry out of gift shopping decisions, transforming the gift selection experience into one that’s both fast and fun.

Every stylist is well-versed in all the product categories that Macy’s carries and can help you meet your exact gift giving needs. Holidays, birthdays, graduations, weddings or ‘just because’—My Stylist has you covered.

All you need to do is let the stylists know what your shopping needs and preferences are, and they can either gather appropriate merchandise in advance of your visit or provide selections and helpful tips on the spot. It's super easy to book a Macy's Personal Stylist appointment.

GiftNow Lets the Person Receiving Your Gifts Put the Final Touch on Them

Once you decide what gift you’d like to buy, the online GiftNow option lets your intended recipient customize it per their color, size and address preferences, or even exchange it—before it ever ships! GiftNow gives your gift recipient control over the gift-receiving process, emphasizing your thoughtfulness and consideration.

All you need to do is select the item online, click the GiftNow button on any product page, add the email of the person you’re sending the gift to, add a personal greeting and pay. The recipient will receive your gift via email, text, messenger or printout. Next, they’ll open your gift online, have the ability to adjust or exchange it before it ships and finally, provide the delivery address.

Online Gift Guide and In-Store Pick Up

Macy’s also provides a huge array of gift ideas (including gift cards) online via a comprehensive Gift Guide that makes it easy to shop by price range, occasion and event, and gender/age. You can order the items online and at checkout choose to have some or all of them delivered, or to pick them up in the store, for free. If you opt to pick up the items, you'll be contacted once they're ready.