Tailor Square Made-to-Measure Custom Clothes

Macy’s Tailor Square Made-to-Measure Custom Clothing


Tailor Square Made-to-Measure, a new tailoring service available in 15 Macy’s stores across the country, gives male customers the ability to transform clothing into a uniquely personal expression through precision fitting and highly customized styling.

Ready to Wear suits, bought off the rack, provide the benefit of immediate access and affordability, but they aren’t made to fit a specific body contour or precisely cater to individual preferences; each person who buys an RTW suit gets the same designer-determined fit and look.

The Made-to-Measure service at Macy’s, on the other hand, shapes a world-class customer experience by providing the personal, individualized attention of a specialist who helps capture personal choices—in fabric, styling and impeccable finishes.

Made-to-Measure Product Offerings

The exclusive tailoring is available for two- and three-piece suits; regular and tuxedo jackets; waist coats; formal, tuxedo and casual shirts; and regular, tuxedo and chinos trousers.

Macy's Tailor Square Made-to-Measure suits and shirts

Sartorial Excellence: General Overview of the Process

Tailor Square Made to Measure’s exclusive range of products comes in a broad range of styles and finishes that have been curated the world over. Assisted by an MTM Specialist, the customer’s choices ultimately lead to a truly exclusive, personalized garment in keeping with his needs and sense of style.

The process begins with product, fabric (luxurious options from around the world) and styling (hundreds of options) selection and proceeds with the customer trying on different fixed patterns and getting measured. The garment is then created with extensive quality checks along the way.

Made to Measure formal

Luxury and Craftmanship in Four Steps

Step 1: The experience starts with a meeting between the customer and a personal stylist. Together, they determine the fabric, style and finish as well as the measurements that will truly personalize the garment’s fit—from the lapel, buttons and cuffs to the collar and linings. The stylist also helps select matching accessories for selected garments—ties, cufflinks and more.

Step 2: A master tailor takes precise measurements and gives the closest try-ons, then pins the garment basis body type to create the perfect silhouette. Photographs of the customer are recorded from different angles to capture the details of his fit and posture. And an in-store app, powered by 3D technology, enables the customer to visualize exactly how the finished garment will look.

Step 3: The customer details are sent to an exclusive garment crafting facility where individual fabric pieces are precisely cut by a laser machine. The fabric then undergoes several processes to create a unique signature garment.

Step 4: Each process ensures the highest standards of quality for the customer’s personalized garment. The garment is delivered at the stipulated date (typically within 4 weeks) with the exclusive label defining its rich trademark craftsmanship.

Made-to-Measure Pricing

  • Custom Suit - Starts at $399
  • Custom Dress Shirt – Starts at $79

To see which Macy’s stores offer the service, visit Tailor Square Made to Measure.