Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month at Macy’s

In 1976, the U.S. government introduced Black History Month in conjunction with the nation’s bicentennial to honor the achievements and cultural richness of the African-American community. Today, more than 44.5 million U.S. citizens identify as black. 

This February, Macy’s will celebrate Black History Month by honoring the cultural trailblazers of the past as we explore the impact they have had on the present. Throughout the month, Macy’s customers will have the opportunity to engage in stimulating conversations with cultural pioneers about how they are continuing legacies in multiple disciplines.  Leaders such as Dapper Dan, Hip Hop Chaplain, Sir the Baptist, Fantastic Negrito, among others, continue to inspire hope and encourage audiences through their accomplishments in areas including music and fashion. At Macy’s Lenox in Atlanta, and Macy’s Aventura in Miami, representatives from Clark Atlanta University and Florida A&M University will participate in discussions regarding Black History Month and the impact that these higher education institutions are bringing to their local communities. 

Diversity and inclusion is a Macy’s core value, essential to the brand’s success and one that brings colleagues together as a united front. Join us as we celebrate the significance of this historic month. For additional information on Macy’s Black History Month and the full list of stores celebrating, click here!

Saturday, February 9

Saturday, February 16 from 2PM – 4PM

Grammy award winner Fantastic Negrito

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Wednesday, February 20

Thursday, February 21

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