Burger Bar at Macy's Union Square in San FranciscoBurger Bar at Macy's Union Square in San Francisco

Burger Bar

Guests with a penchant for custom burgers and milkshakes, tasty chef-created cuisine and a relaxed setting with views will find just what they’re looking for at Burger Bar.

Burger Bar on the sixth floor of Macy’s Union Square in San Francisco overlooks bustling Union Square and caters to tourists and locals alike with inventive takes on classic American foods created by local celebrity chef, Hubert Keller. Keller is known to millions through his many cookbooks and imaginative French cuisine.

The restaurant’s tagline is “The Ultimate Burger Experience & More,” which is quite apt given the breadth of creative menu selections and the acclaim they’ve earned. The Chef’s Burgers section features eight unconventional concoctions, including the World’s Hottest Burger, made of black angus stuffed with Burger Bar’s World’s hottest Burger Sauce and both habanero and jalapeno peppers (it’s rated at 5,000,000 Scoville Units—a measurement of spicy heat); the chef’s namesake Hubert Keller Burger, made with buffalo meat and blue cheese; and the Rossini burger, made with Kobe style wagyu beef, fois gras and shaved black truffles.

Guests can also customize their burger by selecting from a list of eight different proteins and a wide range of toppings, from chili and fried egg to various cheeses, vegetables and sauces. Starters, salads, various sides, fish & chips and hotdogs are also available.

But Keller’s Burger Bar offerings extend well beyond burgers and sides. The eatery is also renowned for mouthwatering items that satisfy your sweet tooth—both traditional treats and wholly unconventional ones, such as dessert-style burgers (Sweet Burgers) and alcoholic “Adult Milkshakes,” with tempting names like Red Velvet and Horchata Spice. Customers can also build their own milkshake—the combinations are endless considering the extent of Burger Bar’s list of toppings, liquor, fruits and sauces.

The irresistible Chocolate Burger sandwiches Nutella mousse, passion fruit, fresh strawberries and kiwi between two warm donut halves, and the Creamy Cheesecake Burger stacks cheesecake, caramelized pineapple and fresh strawberries between the donut halves.

251 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: 415-296-4272



Chef Profile: Hubert Keller

Chef Hubert Keller has won numerous awards, including the James Beard Foundation’s “Best Chef.” He has cooked for several U.S. Presidents and written several cookbooks, appears frequently in the media and, in addition to having launched Burger Bar Restaurants in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Beijing, operates Fleur by Hebert Keller in Las Vegas, a French restaurant.