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Color STORY at Macy's Group

STORY at Macy’s, a narrative retail experience, launches in 36 stores


Macy’s has a long tradition of reinventing approaches to retailing and launching innovative sales and advertising practices. The founder of Macy’s, R.H. Macy, invented the department store concept and redefined retail pricing, marketing and merchandising strategies. Throughout its illustrious history, Macy’s has continued to redefine and evolve retailing. STORY, the company’s latest venture, takes retailing in a brand-new direction with a narrative-driven concept that curates product arrays according to a single theme that changes every few months.  STORY products are placed in their own shop within Macy’s stores where customers can always explore and discover something new and exciting as the collections shift. 

The discovery-led, narrative experience of STORY gives new customers a fresh reason to visit our stores and gives the current Macy’s customer even more reason to come back again and again throughout the year.
—Jeff Gennette, Macy’s, Inc. chairman & chief executive officer

STORY at Macy’s delivers new concepts through its signature blend of unique collaborations, narrative-driven merchandising and dynamic event programming. According to the founder of STORY and Macy’s brand experience officer, Rachel Shechtman, STORY at Macy’s—an entirely new, scalable business model—got off the ground as a result of “a reimagined approach to cross-functional collaboration and the work of more than 300 Macy’s colleagues.”

More than 270 dedicated STORY Managers and STORYtellers were hired and participated in “Know + Tell,” a new experiential retail training program that immerses staff with integrated roles on everything from building fixtures to customer engagement and event production.

STORYtellers have all the inside information about upcoming STORY events in a particular store and can tell customers how to sign up and get on the STORY at Macy’s list—so they always know what to explore and experience.

The STORY at Macy’s experience feels a lot like a real-life version of scrolling through Instagram. You discover things you weren’t looking for but are inspired by all the fun finds – the second you see it, you need it!
—Rachel Shechtman, founder of STORY and Macy’s brand experience officer

STORY at Macy’s averages 1,500 square feet, cumulatively representing more than 55,000 square feet of main-floor retail space across all 36 stores. Herald Square serves as the flagship location, where STORY at Macy’s covers more than 7,500 square feet of continuous retail space on the main floor and mezzanine levels.

How STORY at Macy’s Breaks New Retailing Ground

STORY at Macy’s is committed to supporting small businesses—introducing their products and points of view to the community. Every time a new STORY theme launches, new partners are invited to participate and will be able to share their dynamic merchandise in ways that truly bring it to life.

The premier theme launched in the 36 STORY at Macy's shops was Color.

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